1. Why is it important to exfoliate when using lightening/brightening products?

Exfoliating dead skin is important to enhance your lightening results. Cellular turnover (new healthy cell formation) slows down as we age giving the skin a dry, dull appearance, therefore a weekly exfoliating treatment is important to remove dead skin cells which allows lightening actives to penetrate much more effectively into the skin. Secondly, an exfoliating treatment smoothes and softens the texture of your skin, instantly restoring a luminous complexion. Add SkinPolish Exfoliating Cream to your skincare regimen 1-2 times a week, always allowing 3-4 days between each use. It can be found on

Caution: Too much exfoliation can dry and irritate the skin causing irritation and inflammation, resulting in darker skin and/or dark spots. 


2. Which lightening products are best suited for oily/acne prone skin?

Remember, that oily skin fares better with light textured products such as serums or gels. Try LightenUp PLUS Lightening Gel or New York Fair and Lovely Gel Plus  They're absorbed much more efficiently, dry quickly and won’t clog pores. If you still get breakouts, use F & W Original Dermapure Purifying Lotion AM & PM which will absorb oil, unclog pores and kill acne bacteria.


3. Does Mitchell Group do animal testing?

No, Mitchell Group is proud to say that we do not engage in animal testing or use animal derived ingredients in our product line.


4. Do your lightening/brightening products contain sunscreen?

No, they do not. Mitchell Group recommends using an additional sunscreen during the day to prevent dark spots from appearing and to maintain an even skin tone. No cosmetics should ever be used in place of a good broad spectrum sunscreen (broad spectrum means the sunscreen protects against UVA and UVB damage). In addition, moisturizers and foundations are absorbed by the skin, so they are by nature less effective at sitting on the skin’s surface as sunscreens do. Try our Skin Protect SPF 50 Sunscreen to maintain an even skin tone. 

Common misconceptions: Men and women of color especially with darker skin, often believe that they do not need to use sunscreen, since they rarely complain of sun damage, however this is false. Dark skin also needs sunscreen protection from UV rays, especially when using any lightening or brightening skincare products.


5. I suffer from stubborn brown spots on my knuckles, knees and elbows. How can your lightening/brightening products help me lighten these areas?

Our lightening products are formulated with intense fading ingredients to specifically lighten dark spots, resulting in an even skin tone. For best results, apply LightenUp PLUS Lightening Body lotion to dark brown spots on elbows, knee, knuckles and feet, twice a day. It is a must to follow up with our SkinProtect SPF 50 Sunscreen daily, during and after treatment in order to maintain an even skin tone.

6. Do your lightening/brightening products work on a skin condition called, Melasma?

Yes, however melasma (often seen as dark brown patches) can take up to 6-8 months or more to completely fade dark discoloration which usually appears on areas such as lip, cheeks or forehead. If pregnant, nursing or if taking oral contraceptives and/ or experiencing hormonal changes it is highly recommended to avoid sun exposure. To restore a more even skin tone and a uniform complexion use LightenUp Anti-Aging Body Lotion.This system is formulated with a combination of aggressive lightening/brightening ingredients, an anti-aging brightener  old dull skin allowing more efficient penetration of active ingredients.  It is one of our best sellers. The synergy of these 2 potent lightening ingredients fade dark spots and provide a clear, luminous complexion, leaving skin with a smooth even skin tone.  Use sunscreen during and after lightening/brightening treatments as well as avoiding sun exposure. This will help to maintain effective results.


7. Are lightening/brightening products safe to use during pregnancy?

No, they are not safe to use during pregnancy or while nursing.


8. I have uneven skin tone and dark spots on my body. Which lightening products do you recommend to even out skintone?

A favorite of mine is the Organic Essence of Papaya Brightning Body Lotion. It is an aggressive lightening lotion for the body and should be used preferably at night. Be sure to follow up with SPF 50 Sunscreen or higher daily, during and after treatment in order to avoid further pigmentation.


9. I’m using lightening products and my skin is getting darker instead of lighter. Are there any concerns I should be aware of during my usage of lightening products?

Absolutely, there are 3 reasons why the skin becomes darker during a lightening treatment.

The first reason and one of the biggest mistakes is using your lightening products during the day. When using lightening and brightening products in the morning it can make our skin very sensitive to sunlight, resulting in the skin becoming darker overtime. 

The 2nd reason is not wearing sunscreen every morning. When using lightening and brightening products during the day it makes our skin very sensitive to sunlight therefore, use lightening products only at night. Using an SPF 50 sun protection every morning will prevent more dark spots from occurring and leave you with a glowing complexion. Use lightening products only at night. And apply our high protection sunscreen, SPF 50 Skin Protect. 

The 3rd reason is over exfoliating. Too much exfoliation can dry and irritate the skin causing irritation and inflammation, and this inflammation in darker skin tones brings up melanin to the surface of the skin, causing the skin to become darker.

Another concern is sun exposure while pregnant or while taking oral contraceptives or experiencing hormonal changes during menopause. As I mentioned earlier, both of these actions cause a reaction; Hormonal changes in the body photosensitize the skin and cause it to darken quicker, resulting in hyperpigmentation. It is best to avoid the sun during this time.


10. Are lightening products with Hydroquinone safe? 

Mitchell Group’s lightening products contain Hydroquinone concentrations of 1.9%, the amount permitted by the FDA for over the counter products, therefore they are safe. Reputable associations of medical doctors and industry professionals believe that the benefits provided by Hydroquinone are significant and that the presently FDA permitted concentration is below that which may have contributed to prohibitions of products containing this ingredient in other countries such as Japan, Australia and Europe. When used as directed and in conjunction with sun protection, the long term benefits include a more radiant, youthful and healthy complexion.

Once results have been achieved, start a maintenance regimen with less aggressive lightening products such as Fair and White AHA or you may also try Carotis, Clovate, Neoprosone, Lemonvate, Organic Essence of Papaya and Organic Essence of Tamarind. You may visit our Mitchell Brands website to find these products

11. I’m looking for a rich lightening body Lotion that hydrates and provides luminous body sheen?

Tomatine Body Lotion is a rich textured body lotion formulated to improve clarity and radiance as its sweet and delectable scent lingers on your limbs upon application.  

12. I have dark skin and I read that wearing sunscreen is important when using lightening products? Is this true?

Yes, driving to work, sitting by a window or just walking or running outdoors is enough to cause dark spots, uneven skin tone and/or premature aging over time. Indoor lighting such as florescent and halogen bulbs can also break down collagen and cause the same aging as UVA. Mitchell group recommends using broad spectrum UVA & UVB high protection every day. This will help to maintain your results and protect your skin from premature aging. No matter what skin color, sunscreen is a must!

Must –know - facts 

95% of skin aging changes are caused by sun exposure and most of the skin damage is attributed to UVA (aging rays) compared to UVB (burning rays). Long wavelength UVA, which comprises the vast majority of UV rays is very close in wavelength to visible light. A simple rule of thumb: when you are outside in daytime, you should protect against UVA even if the sun isn’t hot or doesn’t shine. UVA rays penetrates through clouds and comes through car windows as you drive.


13. Why does brown skin scar so easily?

Brown skin contains more melanin (dark pigment) than fair skin and is more vulnerable to irritation. “Melanocytes”(cells that make melanin) are located in the upper layers of the skin and tend to become more reactive in darker skin. When dark skin is exposed to any type of irritation such as scratching, acne, injury, ingrown hair, poor laser treatments or too much sun exposure, more melanin is released, causing dark brown spots to appear on the surface of the skin.


14. I have an oily complexion with large pores and my skin is always shiny. How can I hide these imperfections and control the shine?

F & W Dermapure Purifying Toning lotion instantly absorbs oil and mattifies shine. It is often used to control oil production and minimize large pores, providing skin with a silky smooth and even matte finish. One of our favorites! 


15. How do I know Mitchell brand products are not counterfeit?

Mitchell Group continues to protect our brands by addressing damaging effects of counterfeit products by routinely monitoring online and in-store retailers with the help of private investigators researching throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.


16. Can I use an exfoliating soap on my face?

Yes, but do not use exfoliating soaps more than 2 times a week. Most exfoliating bar soaps are too harsh and can cause skin irritation. The skin on the face is very delicate and some exfoliating soaps are too aggressive for the face causing the skin to become dry and irritated which results in inflammation. This action causes melanin to rise to the surface of the skin, making the skin darker. As for exfoliating the body Exfoliating soaps can be used 4-5 times a week. If you like soaps try, LigthenUp Glycerin Bathing Bar with Papaya Fruit Extract and 4% Shea Butter or Carotis Transparent Glycerin Gentle Soap Bar, for normal to oily skin types.


17. How fast can I expect to see lightening results?

Lightening/brightening skincare is formulated to work on all types of skin as well as different ethnicities. Of course results vary; most see a dramatic improvement within 2 -3 weeks. Others with darker skin may see results in 4-6 weeks. If no improvement is seen after 4-10 weeks, discontinue product usage.


18. Why are lightening/brightening skincare products recommended mostly for nighttime use?

Lightening products are recommended preferably for nighttime use only because using lightening/brightening skincare during the day makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight, resulting in more brown spots, uneven skin tone and wrinkling. Thus, following up with a minimum SPF 50 or higher sunscreen every morning will help to maintain an even skin tone and prevent further skin discoloration. Try SPF 50 SkinProtect Sunscreen (a lighten texture for normal to oily skin that will not leave a white residue.)


19. I have problems with acne scarring. Will lightening/brightening products help to lighten these spots?

Yes, but it is important to not pick at pimples because this will often leave unattractive scarring and black skin is much more prone to keloids (scar tissue caused by trauma). And consistently following a lightening/brightening regimen is extremely important to achieve effective results in fading acne scars. After a few weeks of everyday usage, dark marks will appear less noticeable, resulting in a lighter, more even skin tone. Try our aggressive LightenUp Lighteining Gel, formulated to fade dark acne spots, restoring an even skin tone as it brightens the complexion. Be sure to follow up with our SPF 50 SkinProtect Sunscreen (a light texture for normal to oily skin that will not leave a white residue.) It absorbs and dries quickly and will not clog pores.


20. How long before I see clarifying results when using your popular ACNE REGIMEN?

You should see a difference in 7-10 days. Some people see a difference in 4-5 days. It’s important to follow directions & keep using until you see an improvement. Unless it is an acne medication from a doctor, like Cleocin, minocycline or Retin -A or Tazorac, it is not advisable to use other acne products during this time as the scientific balance will not be right. Mixing will create an imbalance (a negative effect) so the products will not work as well. Remember, consistency is the key. Try F & W Black Soap and F & W Original Dermapure Purifying Toner. Use am & pm.


21. What is the best way to eliminate razor bumps?

Use F & W Original Dermapure Toner which cleans and calms irritated prone skin as well as dissolve excess oil and unclog pores without over-drying the skin.  Both of these treatments can be applied on the back of the arms, legs or bikini areas.


22. I have dark discoloration under my arms, bikini area and other sensitive private areas. Do you have any gentle lighteners for these intimate areas?

Yes, Lightenup Clarifying Gel is designed to fade dark sensitive areas with safe and effective lightening properties. It gently absorbs and dries quickly with no mess. Uniquely developed for today’s body conscious men and women who want to enhance skin’s appearance in the privacy and comfort of their home.


23. Can you recommend Hydroquinone FREE brightening/lightening products?

Yes, two of our best- selling HQ free brands;

F & W GOLD AHA Brightening Cream and F & W GOLD AHA Brightening Body Lotion (for all skin types)

 F & W Original AHA Brightening Cream (orange tube) and F & W Original AHA Brightening Body Lotion (orange bottle)

Any of our other popular Mitchell Brand lightening products with natural plant extracts of Alpha Arbutin, Bearberry Extract, Vitamin C or Licorice Extract are also excellent choices for a maintenance regimen. Some popular favorites include OMIC GEL, NEOPROSONE Gel, Clovate, Carotis and Lemonvate Gel. Remember to always follow up with our SkinProtect SPF 50 Sunscreen daily, during and after brightening/lightening treatments in order to avoid further pigmentation.


24. I have dark stubborn spots on my legs. What is the best lightening treatment to address these skin concerns? 

Try our ultra -concentrated  lightening  body lotion formulated in a sensual emulsion designed to illuminate dull uneven skin tone as it aggressively fades brown spots, lightening skin imperfections and preventing new spots from forming. Freshly scented, LightenUp Body Lotion absorbs quickly and provides a smoothing effect, leaving skin with a beautiful glowing sheen.


25. Do you carry natural/organic brightening skin care products? 

Yes, our Organic lines consist of Mitchell Naturals; 

- Mitchell Organics this has Natural Shea Butter with oils. African Black soaps or liquid soaps.  

Moisture Rescue is a Moisturizing line that can be used as a regimen for the morning.


26. How do I determine my skin type? Choosing the right skincare product for your type of skin matters!

If you don’t know your skin type, follow my tips below.

Step 1  
Cleanse and dry your face and leave it bare for 2 hours.

Step 2  
Press a piece of blotting paper against your nose.

If there is no oil, tightness or flakes, your skin is normal.

If there is no oil but your skin feels tight then you have dry skin.

If there is oil on your nose and cheeks, you have oily skin. if you have oil on your nose but not your cheeks, then you have combination skin.


27. How do I know which product is best for my type of skin?

Oily Skinwe recommend serums or gels which are light and refreshing, won’t clog pores, fast absorbing.

Normal/Oily Skin we recommend gels, creams or serums – lightly hydrating without feeling greasy. Lotions are best applied to the body. (the skin on the body is thicker than the skin on the face.)

Dry/Sensitive Skin we recommend creams –a creamy texture, with very hydrating properties, prevents drying, irritation and flaking.


28. Is Fair and White Cream Safe To Use?

Our entire product line has been clinically tested and follows United States FDA, Health Canada, India FDA, Ghana FDA and Nigeria FDA regulations. Fair and White USA is headquartered in Miami, FL. We have laboratories in France (where it was originally founded) that continuously deliver cutting-edge formulas which are rigorously tested in clinical and laboratory trials to ensure product effectiveness and safety.

Hydroquinone has been sold since the 1800’s. Both Health Canada and the US FDA considered restricting its use and decided not to ban the ingredient but rather regulate it. Concerns related to hydroquinone went through the proper review process and it was decided that the benefits in treating discoloration and conditions such as melasma cannot be replaced or substituted.